Friday, September 15, 2006

Terror Clown

I'm sure many of you, back when you used to listen to speeches given by the Greatest Leader of All Time, began to wonder, "What would Dubya look like in a clown outfit?" Wonder no longer, me hearties. Bush seems to have a genuine flair for stage props and outfits. There was Commander Codpiece. There's the Brush Clearin' Fool. There's the Drunken Frat Boy (i.e., status quo persona). And now there's this look. Somehow it just feels...right.

It was just a lucky find. I was googling to see if there were any images to illustrate the word "bozosphere," (fighter jock slang for altitudes above 30,000 feet) and the graphic above came up as the fourth hit. Interestingly, I then looked for images of Bill Clinton as a clown, searching three different ways. No luck. If you come across any good images of Clinton as Bozo, please point me to them or send one along. Now I'm thinking of one of those super-hero debate questions: who would make the better birthday party clown...Bush, or Clinton?

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