Wednesday, September 06, 2006

AbH Dinnertime: Dungeness Crab Quiche & Apple Pie

Like real men everywhere, I refrain from eating quiche. Unless it is placed in front of me, or I find it lurking in a refrigerator within a few paces of a microwave. Then I tackle it, stab it, and inhale it as if the act of its consumption were as manly as a eating a good-old fashioned TV dinner, a dirt-encrusted MRE, a 6-day old piece of cold pizza, hogs' knuckles, or whatever special diet Barry Bonds got from his trainer. (Hey, do 71 home runs lie? How manly was that?) As it happens, my mom is visiting from the Hood Canal, lovely home to the tasty and still plentiful Dungeness Crab, a few of which she artfully crammed into a quiche she made. And my mom didn't stop there. Food Dictators never do. She also apple pie! A modern apple pie, deliciously made with Splenda. Mmm-hmmm. Thanks, mom!

And for all you red-necked he-men on your golf courses deciding between titanium or kevlar, or struggling into your fly-fishing waders, go ahead: call me a girlie-man. No quiche for you!

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