Sunday, September 03, 2006

Blair Attacked By Own Cabinet

Well, well. In a post two weeks ago, I described (When the Devil Come Blair Callin') how a commenter over at Sic Semper Tyrannis named Altoid predicted Blair's Labour Party would apply some wicked pressure to oust him starting in September. Altoid was curiously strong on the money:
Tony Blair will be served notice to quit Downing Street at a meeting of the Cabinet next week when senior ministers plan to confront him over his refusal to commit to a departure timetable.
Cabinet members used terms like "deluded," "self-indulgent," and "marginal dumbass" to describe Blair, urging him to "end the pantomime." If Blair goes, an official recanting of UK support for Cheney/Rumsfeld version of the Global War On Terra won't be far behind. Full article here.

I'd better go back and check to see if Altoid has a blog. Always good to know people smarter than oneself.

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