Monday, July 02, 2007

John Smeaton "Set About Ye" Terror-Timmies

Al C. alerted me this AM of a local Weegie hero who assisted a Glasgow airport policeman who was being assailed by a flaming...terror-asst. John Smeaton, baggage handler extraordinaire, promptly ran up and "set things right." Smeaton is being hailed as a hero and someone has put up a web site, the purpose of which is to honor Smeats with 1,000 pints. I have ponied up what should be good for a couple pints, even with the exchange rate what it is. Here's a short vid:

And a longer clip of the interview. Quite entertaining. Smeats was quickly assisted by "4, 5, mebbe 6" others in beating the car-bomber down to the ground. Seems terrorists aren't destined to have much luck with Scotland. If ye go te-a Glas-goww, they're sure to "set about ye."

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