Friday, November 17, 2006

Student, Police Disrupt UCLA Library In "Borat" Copycat Stunt

Here's the absolute, super-coolest thing. You see, I've been keeping my Cattle Master Adjust-a-Prod in the attic (you know, for home defense), and I felt kind of guilty about bringing it out in public. But now that I know it's cool, I dug it out from behind my dusty old riot gear, sprayed on the WD-40 and shined it up to a sparkle. The Adjust-A-Prod will be my trusty companion in light-hearted mayhem, a comfort and a help-mate in spicing up the wet and gray winter we have ahead. Watch out Seattle, 10,000 volts of fun are heading to the nearest Starbucks. Yeeee-haaaah! Kick the tires and light the fires! I'm gonna put my Wackenhut security guard uniform on and "rustle me up" some Latte Slurpers.

I can't wait until they do their next stunt. Something tells me this act is going to be a HUGE international sensation.
And what a title: "Get up, or I will taser you again!!"


Still Life Living said...

One of the more interesting things I learned is that Taser gives out awards to police officers who use Tasers in the line of duty.

Two of the rent-a-cops at UCLA reportedly received the honor from Taser in the past for zapping a mentally ill patient, in the hospital, who had a pair of scissors and was waiving them in a threatening manner.

My favorite line from the YouTube video is when the student yells out "This is your fucking Patriot Act at work." It is not quite "Give me liberty of give me Taser" but it is close.

MarcLord said...

Yeah, I thought that line was brilliant, and the mock pain was almost believable.

Did you google the rent-a-cop info, or was this from local news? Would like to follow up on it a little, comedy this good must be shared.