Sunday, November 12, 2006

Blair--Back On Meds?

Tony Blair has been requested to appear before Jim Baker's ISG (Iraq Study Group). He is expected to attend and advocate his new views. He thinks Syria and Iran should be negotiated with as a way out of Iraq, and he admits he was in the throes of insanity when he got Britain involved in its occupation. Savvy Britain-watchers think Blair only has a few weeks left in power, so this is probably an attempt to redeem himself.

In the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, Lord Owen has published and interesting article about insane leaders, "Hubris and Nemesis in the Heads of Government." He strongly implies Blair required treatment, and reveals that Saddam Hussein had undergone treatment for bipolar disorders. As for Bush, he cites another psychoanalytical work by a former Labour MP:
One of the analytical books on Bush is by Dr Justin Frank. He claims megalomania and mania exhibit three overtly similar defensive characteristics: control, contempt and triumph. ‘A manic person wants to repair the damage he's caused, once he recognizes it. He feels guilt. The megalomaniac is indifferent to any damage he caused, because he had a reason for his actions; he is without guilt or compassion, and incapable of even thinking about making reparation.’

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