Tuesday, November 28, 2006

F-16 Downed By Missile

It slices, it dices. It's the Iraq-o-matic. Military sources refused to divulge the cause of the crash, but witnesses say a missile hit and disabled an F-16CG yesterday, and that the pilot managed to eject after flying losing control of his aircraft, but died. The plane was said to have been flying low, and if it was hit by a SAM, this was a long-feared event which will send shock waves through the close-knit Air Force and change the rules of engagement. In all probability it indicates the presence of the most modern Russian-designed SA-16 missiles, which have the fast enough arming and reaction times to down a low-flying jet. If these missiles appear in any number in Iraq, flying low on combat support missions will pretty much be a thing of the past, especially for helicopters. I have long been wondering when Iran would start sending more in.

The decision to get into Iraq was like watching a blustering, belligerent know-it-all put his hand down a garbage disposal, and hearing him say, "See I'm gonna free up that ham bone trapped down there, and then it'll run like a top. Huh? Is the power off? Well duh, dipshit, of course the power's off, I'm an expert on garbage disposal repair, the power is off if I say it's off, and if you open your mouth on me again I'll kick yer ass."

The power wasn't off. It's still not off. Please, somebody, anybody, for the love of God hit the switch. Ali over at Gorilla's Guides posted this.

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