Thursday, November 09, 2006

Yes, Virginia, there is a democracy. I have a hunch that it will take awhile for a story to come out, the story of just how near-run a thing it was. How close the Cheney Cabal came to touching off nuclear war. They weren't called "the crazies" under Bush I for nothing.

If you're interested, here are the new Senators and what their positions and committees will look like. For the first time in my life since I had to cram for a grade in college, I'm actually reading these, only this time I'm thinking about the composition of Congress and how it will effect us and the world. If the last six years have taught me nothing, it's that this stuff, um...
governs our country, our figurative and literal climate, and what quality of life is available to whom.

Let's be realistic. Most Congress-critters are still Dims and Pugs, they are either Old Dealers or Permanent Majority Reich-Wingers, and this is largely the same Congress which voted to get rid of the protections held sacred by 900 years of habeus corpus. Every last critter who voted "yes" to that monstrosity should be shown the error of their ways via the same painful means they advocate. I repeat the mantra: if you want good intelligence from a captive, get them fed, get them high, and get them laid. Know your enemy. Torture yields bad information and comes back at you and yours. Even so, I want to beat every person who voted our liberties away to death with a baseball bat, only after water-boarding them for a couple of weeks...but, that would violate the whole non-violent course of resistance I've decided to try out.

A commenter to my Octopussy post summed up the state of the Democratic Party very well:
The Neo Cons started out as "Team B" in the 70's. They morfed into the "Committee on the Present Danger" and used Henry "Scoop" Jackson as their host until the Reagan election.

The "realists" have taken back control of the Republican Party and the Neocons are now in the process of linking up with the DLC and the AIPAC congressional membership. The battle now is between the DLC/Neocons/Rahm Emmanuel/Marty Peretz and the "internationalists" for the soul of the DP. The goal is to keep the "internationalists" of the DP from linking with the "realists" of the RP. The ultimate goal is to prevent a repproachment between this alliance and Iran.
The neocons are not gone by a long shot.
Rahm Emanuel is slime incarnate. He is a creature bred by a corrupt system, and he is an enemy of the People. Ex-Senator Allen's wife is genuinely smiling in the picture above because she's thinking how her hubby is about to rake in millions a year in that system as a K-Street lobbyist. Joe Lieberman will be the most expensive trick in the bubble state of Washington, D.C. (quite an accomplishment), and he will routinely price his vote well out of Democratic reach. There's a lot of pushing left to do to get this wheel moving faster in the right direction. Even though there are many who don't wish to acknowledge it, the spirit of our times and the future of the Democratic Party is progressive. Progressitivity is the only shot we'll have at dealing with problems which are upon us.

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