Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Picture Of The Day

Mary Beth Goring gets a pat on the shoulder from another voter as she is overcome with emotion while voting at the Beauty Market hair supply shop in Inglewood, California. Goring said she never thought the day would come where she could vote for a black president and she became more emotional than she thought she would while placing her vote. (Danny Moloshok/Reuters)


Anonymous said...

True story. I'm waiting in line to vote and this redneck behind me says, "you votin for McCain"?

I says, "no".
He says, "why you ain't votin for McCain".
I says, "because he's white".

Redneck swallows what sounded like a fireball. "White"? he says.

I says, "Yeah, we had 8 years of a white guy and I ain't votin for another one".

One lady was laughing so hard she choked. Remember, I'm in Florida.

Z& Me

MarcLord said...


vote for a black, you never go back.

Good on ya, mate. I'm on pins and needles.

Vigilante said...

Plenty of emotion so far today. At the polls at 7:30 this morning, a couple of girls from No-on-Proposition-8 were standing 101 feet from the entrance, offering assistance on the ballot! What a screaming bout of laughter we enjoyed!

And then listening to the BBC this afternoon, relaying messages they had received around the world.

Marc, the rest of the world is with us - the USA! They know we can't liberate them! They know that they have to liberate themselves. And they expect nothing less from us: Americans have to liberate their once-great country themselves!

MarcLord said...


One way, or another, we're gonna getchagetchagetchagetcha.

Obama can't save us. But choosing him is the start of saving ourselves.

Vigilante said...


Anonymous said...

I think he's carving a backwards "B" on her cheek with his right hand.

I knew this would happen.

MarcLord said...


he's touching her and not getting hung from a tree. Progress.