Sunday, November 23, 2008

Raisin' Some Hell For 2012

Video #1 is a strange paen to Sarah Palin by a PAC called "Ethnic Cleansing for America." (Ok, just kidding. Sort of.)

In video #2, we have the Palinator doing a folksy, quite charming interview in front of a slaughterhouse for turkeys, in which turkeys...are being slaughtered...right behind her. A special touch when the turkey farmer, while draining out their blood, stares vacantly at the camera.

I'm sure you've seen these through your various real or fake nooz outlets, but I just need to embed these for posterity, and note that once upon a time, people, even Americans, would look at themselves and say, "Whoa, I can't put that on teevee because it'd look like, ahh, I'm an ignominious twit."

Also, I wish noticed that Presidential hopeful Mike Hukabee, the republican governor of the Land o' Goshen, already kicked off his 2012 campaign in Iowa.


Vincent said...

I don't want to make a fool of myself here. Can you state out front whether these are real or fake before I watch them?

Still Life Living said...


They are both real in the biblical sense of the Word.

The second video actually makes a strong case for Palin as a leader. She knows damn well what is going on behind her and she doesn't give a flying feather. This is a signal of the truth: we kill and eat animals. At least that is a type of honesty she is not sweeping under the rug. Now, if we can just get her to stand in front of a group of teen-agers copulating, a group of elderly people being abused, or a bunch of latino families with babies and children while their mothers are being taken away by ICE. Oh Sarah, you are right, we do need some levity this Thanksgiving.

Vincent said...

Still Life Living, I just did a word search of the Bible (King James I version) and the word "real" doesn't appear even once.

Shall I just take it that you mean real in the everyday sense?

MarcLord said...


twice bitten, thrice shy, eh? Good suggestion, and yes they're "real" according to our current standards.


She has a distinctive style that plays very well to a disturbingly large segment of the country, one which would enjoy the ICE backdrop you conjure. She was comfortable and really effective in the interview, and interesting things will happen in Alaska if she can keep that up.