Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Done the job, made the point, built the dream in just 4 years. +45 Congressional seats, +13.5 Senate seats, and a Democratic President won Virginia, North Carolina, Indiana, Colorado, and Nevada. (Yeaa-aaa-aaaahhh!)

Well done, thou good and faithful servant. Don't you love the sound...of the last laugh going down?


Bruce said...

One of the best Dems indeed.

No better evidence to back up his strategy than this map. (except for the election itself, of course)

MarcLord said...


And but for him, the Clintons would've taken the nomination. I know he stonewalled them, just don't have the evidence to prove it yet.

Vigilante said...

Can you say "cabinet post"?

MarcLord said...


Gotta admit, I hadn't thought of that. Which one, do you think?

The Surgeon General...has determined...that being Republican's dangerous for your health.