Monday, November 24, 2008

"As God As My Witness, I Thought Turkeys Could Fly"

Keith Olbermann grokked to the Sarah Palin turkey rendering interview on his show tonight, and used a clip from the great old WKRP in Cincinnati "Turkey Drop" classic. Here is Les Nessman reporting the original, live.


Darrel said...

What the hell? I go looking for Sarah Palin clips and I find Marc Lord. I must be living in a post-apocolyptic world. Where the fuck have you been?

MarcLord said...

Are you Darrel the foul-mouthed denizen of scum and villainy, or a different he? Surely you can't be the saints and latters Darrel, else the earth would have turned as a sea of glass. And your goddamm profile is blocked, so you might be Darrel Dawkins for all I know.

Darrel said...

My profile is blocked because I've nothing to say or that is to say the abyss is my words. All I know is that David Warner is watching you.

MarcLord said...

Right on, that Darrel. (David Warner loved to watch, oh yes he did, he did.)

Welcome! I'm still in Seattle, with a comely brunette who suffers the indignities of being my wife, not to mention those of our two sons:

Lived here for the WTO protests, NYC for 9/11, Boston until the 2004 Convention, then moved back here to morph, hopefully, into a responsible Dad.

And you must be still married to your lovely wife, maybe a son or two more and are that person we've all heard about, who's conducting the War on Christmas?

Anonymous said...

Personally, I was wondering when someone would pull out the old WKRP classic, and link it to Palin's amazingly sad and pathetic faux pas at the turkey farm. Brilliant!!

MarcLord, thanks for the visit to my site, and the reciprocal link:) You asked during your visit about the image of Judith and Holofernes - long story. I'm a Sherlock Holmes fan. One of my favorite pastiches is Laurie King's "The Beekeepers Apprentice," to which I pay homage with the title of my site. Until King herself stumbles across it and complains, of course. In the second book of the series, one of the main characters is studying the apocryphal story of Judith. Being a woman, I took to the story of Judith, named my own daughter after the ancient heroine delegated to the "not so divine" stories of the bible, and chose my favorite image of her in all her assassin's glory :)

MarcLord said...


by sheer coincidence, I already had the WKRP clip saved as a draft last week, thinking to put it up on Thanksgiving.

Yes, I thought Judith might be the whole Feminist Ninja thing. Which I'm respectful, no, I'm very, highly supportive of. I totally revere Feminist Assassin Ninjas. Pardon me, I have to go see if I left the back door unlocked. ;-)