Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Quickee VP Non-Speculation

Lots of speculation today about Hillary Clinton's non-concession last night. Many support her for VP as a way to heal the party and bring in the "hard-working white people" vote. Some smart folk opine that she kept the race open and sent supporters back to her web site, ostensibly to tell her what she should do next, as a way to pay down some of her campaign's $30 million debt. Other long-time Clinton supporters aren't waiting, many having defected today, and the DNC's home page has a picture of Obama (the one above) announcing his status as nominee.

Various problems exist with a Hillary VP scenario, and the biggest is procedural: candidates for VP are required to present exhaustive documentation designed to vet them and protect the presidential nominee from taint before and after an election. For some reason, the Clintons have a big problem with transparency, and all the donors to their presidential foundation, all the business deals that gave them $120+ million of income over the past 8 years would have to be examined under clinically harsh light. That's a big hurdle, probably a show-stopper.

Even if that were cleared, an Obama presidency with Hillary Clinton as VP would set Operation Enduring Scandal in motion. While it's possible that Bill would stop blowing up at reporters for writing about his indiscretions, stop whoring across the globe on Ron Burkle's 757 (christened 'Air F*** One' by aides), neither is it bloody likely. You can't just imprison the man in a dungeon for four years, he's an ex-President...although that must have crossed a few minds, Hillary's not the least. He is simply an unacceptable liability.

Caroline Kennedy has been named to Obama's search committee, and she and Michelle Obama have a lot in common: they both despise the Clintons. Finally, although she would take it, Hillary Clinton doesn't really even want the spot--a mere Vice Presidency is obviously not big enough to contain her goals, and putting her there would be like having a cobra in your backpack. (Note per Jon: That is to say, she would eagerly take VP, but only as a stepping stone.) She needs more room to run, tasks to perform, someplace where she can deploy her full array of talents. Somewhere like Secretary of State.


Anonymous said...

Plus, with the current razor-thin majority in the senate, I hate to sacrifice two Demo senators to this enterprise. Although Clinton's is probably a safer seat than Obama's.

E.Michael Liu said...

The nomination of Senator Obama yesterday only prove one thing to me, the far left have taken over the Democratic party. i will not support anyone who wants to lay in bed with america's enemy,these weak, back stabbing, far left retards were too blind to see that she was the best and will always be the best. i am still a democrat who will back McCain for president, God help us if these weaklings take control of the white house.

Jon said...

I disagree with your comment about Hillary not wanting the VP slot. I think she revealed her thinking a couple of weeks ago. She'll take the VP slot, and after elected say something like (in thick New York city accent):"I'm ready to take over, in the unfortunate event of an assassination. I'm just sayin. It would be a shame if there was to be an unfortunate accident and bada bing bada boom, I have to step in.

MarcLord said...


sure, but we can handle it. As long as they don't run stiffs in those districts, they'll be fine. You take Illinois, I'll take New York.

MarcLord said...


Effectiveness has absolutely nothing to do with left vs. right. Bullying and invasion generally don't make for good foreign policy, as I think you can agree by looking at the track record of past American presidents.

Truman's hard power exercise in Korea failed, and Eisenhower compromised out of the conflict; Johnson's massive use of hard power failed in Vietnam, as did Nixon's; Carter and Reagan's soft power approach to the Soviets in Afghanistan worked; Reagan's occupation of Lebanon failed; Bush One triumphed in multi-lateral use of force against Iraq, but was humiliated in unilateral use of force against lowly Mogadishu. And Bush Two's over-the-top use of force in Iraq is bankrupting our country.

Nobody is suggesting "getting in bed with the enemy." Obama is simply returning to past policies which have worked well.

MarcLord said...


Oh, I didn't say she doesn't want VP as a stepping stone. She'll take that. Just that she'll never be content with it, and that's a great reason not to make the offer. Sometimes I tip-toe around the most vicious aspects of the Clintons, because a lot of people don't want that level of detail or would be offended by it. But it's pretty easy to list the bodies in their wake, if need be.

Naj said...
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MarcLord said...


heard you. very fishy, no upsides.