Monday, June 02, 2008

Bad Blogger, Bad!

I played hooky for over an entire blog-week. Better to ask forgiveness, or become a lot better at lying. I'll go with forgiveness: sorry for the unannounced absence. Really, it had nothing to do with topless beaches or rehab.


Naj said...

Why would anyone vacation in vegas, beats me :)

Vegas is good only to study urbanism or anthropology

MarcLord said...

The anthropology angle is the one for me; Vegas doesn't really work as urbanism, since it's trying to be a haven of safe iniquity, not a city. And no, I don't see any time there as a vacation.

Naj said...

Well, a city generated in the heart of a desolate desert, i can't help admiring the entrepreneurial wisdom put in that.

Capitalizing on human absurdity, sure business always!

MarcLord said...

And human absurdity makes for good people-watching, my prime sport in Vegas.