Sunday, October 26, 2008

Nine Oldsters Booted Out Of Nursing Home
"They somehow got it into their heads to celebrate the 90th birthday of one of the women with a kind of sex party," said Miss Helterford. "This may sound harmless or amusing to some people, but Scarborough has a reputation to uphold. We cannot tolerate that kind of conduct."
Mental note: do not end up in a facility named "Scarborough."

(via Cat in the Bag, who have been on a bit of a graphics roll.)


Anonymous said...

This really sucks. I mean think about it. If you are 85 or 90 and you are still feeling a bit human, you should have the right to express yourselves. We're not talking about preschool or an orphanage. We are talking about grown adults who still have some rights. Why can't they have an orgy if it is well planned and others are adequately forewarned not to go in the multipurpose room. This is their goddamn home after all.

Oh, their kids who pay the rent on the place get to make up the rules. What ever happened to "honor thy parents"? Doesn't that include letting them make fundamental pro-choice decisions about thier lives. I bet the center would fight for the residents' right of dignity in dying. But SEX? Oh my god, what a perversion!!!

What would Charles Bukauski say?

Vincent said...

First of all, Scarborough is a lovely Yorkshire seaside resort, so let's not prejudge by names.

Secondly, it's a newspaper story, so it was retold for the sake of winding up the readers, no matter what the basis in fact.

British press is famous for this kind of thing - anything to get the word "orgy" into a headline, or suggest that a judge's sentence was too lenient and so forth.

So this happened on October 28th? What year?

Anyhow, I am no better than anyone else. I suddenly find myself defending Yorkshire against the mockery of Americans. The journalists have succeeded in their aim---to have every reader frothing with indignation for some reason or other! thanks, Marc.

MarcLord said...


If true, then yes, but I don't know the provenance of the article.


whoa, whoa, I posted in a mirthful albeit thought-provoking way. But I'll try to find out if it's true or not. (in a spirit of solidarity with the alleged seniors)

Naj said...

If it happened; good for them; if not, too bad!

MarcLord said...


my apologies, the headline is beyond apocryphal, in fact is from a pretty good spoof-news site ( I saw it on Cat in the Bag, and first laughed at the thought of a geriatric orgy, and next thought, "oh no, they were kicked out?" So it got me in both ways. Senior sexuality is a positive thing, on my kink, and so I guess I wanted it to be true.

Anyhow, it was kind of edgy, since my relatives and someday my kids will read these posts, so I'll delete it after a bit. Was trying for a light-hearted Sunday Morning kind of post that didn't take much time (speaking of kids), but didn't make proper signals and anyhow this doesn't make the grade. Yorkshire is safe! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I didn't think is was a joke. Probablly because I am attending a series of sex-ed classes at my church in Santa Monica. And there are two in the class (not a couple) in thier 70s who report active or at least the desire to have active sex lives.

I know several people in thier mid to late sixties who are still randy and active. But then again, I live in Los Angeles where people belive in eternal youth.

Anonymous said...

Hey, don't blame the Zoey. We don't make this shit up, it gets sent to us. I got so much Obama material I could run it through the next campaign. Check out the Donuts and Bacon Tee. That was sent this afternoon and I couldn't resist. I'm sure your gum shoe readers will find something wrong with that too.

Anonymous said...

Well, here I am on the street again, thanks to the British press.

Anonymous said...

It would have been over pretty quickly.

isabelita said...

Visions of old Monty Python skits began running through my head...
Before anyone jumps me for insensitivity, I shall state that my 90 and 3/4 year old mother has been living with us for almost six years, and she gets chuckles out of old Python and Grampa Simpson, who's pretty edgy himself.

MarcLord said...


Street? I'll make sure my wife locks the car doors. (it must've been written quite some time ago--Viagra would've been a natural additive to the yarn)


It's a mystery how we got here, what with our parents being so morally pure. (Groucho Marx arches brow, taps cigar.) Re: your mom, well, some incorrigible people just have dirty, dirty minds!

I tried to write a post on human sexuality with my son(s) in mind. Kind of a "birds and bees" bloggie intended to impart some defenses against immoral materialistic sluts. Yep. Dumb idea.

MarcLord said...


I would never impugn The Zoey. Especially because she doesn't read (...or does she?). Will check out the donuts and bacon.