Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Fear Of A Black Reagan

Town hall debate coming up tonight at 6PM Hollywood Standard Time. The rules will be standard Media Wrestling Federation non-tag team format, with 3-second fall and 10-minute time limits, and jumping off the top rope is allowed. This picture will have to do until I think of something constructive to say.


Anonymous said...

Good old Saint Ronnie, the guy who brought Klanservatism into the Republican mainstream. He did more for the sales of white sheets than any before him, and only Chimpy was able to do more for white sheet sales AFTER him.

MarcLord said...

Hi, Roger, thanks for dropping by and commenting.

Klanservatism, haven't heard that one before. Kinda like it--being young back then when Ronnie came in, I kinda liked him too. Then I came into close contact with his rich supporters, and found out they were completely insane.