Monday, October 06, 2008

Bruce Springsteen Gives Voter Registration Concert in Philadelphia

Seems the Boss called up the Obama campaign and asked to help out. Some young staffer probably said, "Thank you very much for your interest, Mr. Springsteen, we'll get back to you. Oh, wait--I're like a famous musician, right? Maybe you could play some music!"

The legendary rocker interrupted a free seven-song acoustic set at avoter-registration rally in Philly on Saturday to threaten to break his guitar over the head of anyone who votes for John McCain. Well, not really. He did talk about equality, fairness, America, etc., and the need to register. Pretty cool thing for an American Icon to do on a Saturday afternoon.


Bruce said...

It was my pleasure.

I'm also doing some phone banking for Obama. :). The McCain supporters are suspicious, reticent and angry.

MarcLord said...

Thank you, Bruce.

It would be fun to claim you were with the McCain campaign and say, "You could start out with a small donation, something as low as $1,000."