Friday, October 03, 2008

Psyche's News Roundup

Rice Admits She Led High-Level White House Talks About Torture | The Smirking Chimp

TPMCafe | Talking Points Memo | Wall Street's Infinite Sleaze: Goldman and AIG: Can Wall Street's Corruption Be Exaggerated?

A Memo Found in the Street - (deregulation: how the Republicans & Clinton created the financial crisis)

Talking Points Memo | House girds for second try on financial rescue

Jonathan G.S. Koppell and William N. Goetzmann - The Trickle-Up Bailout -

Who's profiting from the crisis? The Goldman Sachs Bailout - MarketWatch

Poll: Obama Makes Gains with Women, Hits New High - TIME
Dan Froomkin - Bush's 70 percent disapproval rating highest of any President

Poll: U.S. Concerned But Split On Bailout, CBS News Survey Shows That Americans Fear Effects Of Financial Crisis But Are Not Convinced Bailout Plan Is The Solution

SEC gives banks more leeway on mark-to-market | Reuters

Warren Buffett explains the credit crisis to Charlie Rose |

An Everyman on the Trail, With Perks at Home -

Senate passes $700B rescue; House votes lured

Wash Post's Pearlstein: "Anyone opposing the bailout is ignorant" - Glenn Greenwald - replies

STATS: Betting on the bailout

Will credit default swaps cause the next financial crisis? - Sep. 30, 2008 The $55 trillion question

The Next New Deal - 4/1992 (last time around)

Magpie » No Money Down: People’s homes a medium for the redistribution of wealth

The Fuel That Fed The Subprime Meltdown

Journalists, Bail Yourselves Out at

Whiskey Fire: A Gift to Every Naked Fat Baby Has there ever, ever been a sorrier, more discredited asshole than Glenn Reynolds?
Hooman Majd | The Daily Show | Comedy Central | Iran's nuclear enrichment rights

Trojan Horse - by Christopher Ketcham - How Israeli Backdoor Technology Penetrated the US Government's Telecom System and Compromised National Security

LBJ and Israel

Mondoweiss: Has Israel Got a Taliban Too?

Dakota In Anticipation Of The Vice Presidential Debate

Dakota Why People Still Vote for Republicans: ("One Mole Away from the Presidency")

SCENARIOS - How the Palin-Biden debate could play out | World | Reuters

CQ Politics | Beyond the Dome - Obama Makes McCain Very Uncomfortable

Couric to Palin: Do You Know We're Recording This? - - The Room

What Sarah Palin's candidacy says about America | The Smirking Chimp

Cannabis Is Safer Than Alcohol And Cigarettes, Says A Report From The Beckley Foundation | Health | Sky News

Jeff Hawkins on how brain science will change computing | Video on

Jupiter Stars In The Sharpest Ground-Based Whole-Planet Picture Ever Taken | Scientific Blogging

The United States of Mind -

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