Friday, October 10, 2008

Rays Of Hope

As the market does a reenactment of the free-falling submarine in Das Boot, and Republican candidates are smiling to audience calls of "kill the terrorist," someone is rock steady. When the media were going ga-ga over Palin, and the market was in a rally, Obama directed the nation to look to its economy. Here he talks to a crowd in Missouri and predicts the Republican fear-ploys.

His deft handling of the current "palling around with terrorists" meme is worth examining. Sarah Palin and Cindy McCain amplified it this week after the Tuesday's debate, and Obama's responded with self-regulated ease. "Why didn't John McCain say it to my face when he just had the chance?" (Subtext: come and take your medicine, coward-bitch.)

BushCo has imploded, it's been one of the worst weeks in Wall Street history, and Barack Obama is giving a speech to people in Columbus, Ohio. They're spontaneously chanting, "Yes We Can!"


Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, Bush is chanting "Let Them Eat Cake!!"

Anonymous said...

What if Obama were actually the Chosen One, the Messiah, or whatever? Would the fundies be able to recognize Him? I mean they are waiting 24/7 for the Second Coming, sitting on pins and needles. Yet, are they able to tell the difference between an apple and an orange? Guns and butter? Truth and lies? Black and white?

Oh, now I get it.

MarcLord said...


I think you've confused that last four-letter word with something quite different.

Mr. Last--

Bask in the enlightenment, bask. Still, it would be interesting to go undercover into an Assembly of God. Kind of like Hunter S Thompson at a police chief convention.

Bruce said...

Even Ed Rollins on CNN last night was calling this a Republican meltdown of historic proportions. He predicted a landslide for Obama.

I also noticed headlines today saying Norm Coleman, who is behind in the polls to Al Franken, is pulling his negative ads. Unlike McCain, he understands that the current path they are on is leading to complete disaster.

Anonymous said...

And Columbus is just a hair to the north of the incest belt. I admire Barack being willing to wade right into it and tell it like it is.

MarcLord said...


Rollins is an interesting Republican life form, in that he has the remarkable capacity to be honest fairly often. And yet he lives. Strange, no?

Mr. Pirate--

Personally, as I listened to him lead a crowd, he was doing such a great job I was afraid he was about to be shot.