Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Toledo Strangler Strikes Again

Look at this heartwarming photo from the Toledo Blade. Some nice blonde girl is “welling up with tears” because she can’t breathe anymore! Someday when she is old and gray, she will tell her grandchildren, “I once had the privilege of being choked to death by America’s first black president.” How many transient hookers have met with the same tragic end? [The Toledo Blade: a largely non-gay publication]

(mostly via Wonkette)


Anonymous said...

I thought it was McCain that had the thing for blondes.

What we're seeing here is just environmentally-conscious waterboarding.

MarcLord said...

No, McCain has switched to brunettes in an effort to shore up his, umm, support.

I thought this pic was great for its proto-something-or-other.