Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Vietnamization Of Karl Rove

Karl Rove went to American University to talk to College Republicans. When he tried to drive off campus, students laid in front of his car to block his exit while a crowd of protestors booed him, screamed, and threw things. This was genuine anger, the kind that can quickly spill over into violence. They then mobbed his car. The police seemed a little panicked by the ugly feeling, which comes across loud and clear on the audio, and apparently hurt some kids. There are two clips, with the lower clip being a continuation of the first. (This was apparently uploaded from a cell phone.) A girl says at the end of the second clip, "Oh my god, they're pulling people away," while someone near the camera says "They are hurting people."

This is how Karl Rove should be treated for the rest of his life. With a level of disapproval which verges on violence.

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