Monday, April 02, 2007

Syria Using Liberal Congress-Woman As Human Shield

Nancy Pelosi looks like she's having fun in Damascus, going all Zen and dishing out quotes about realism-Hamas and improvement-Hezbollah after cozying up to Israeli PM Olmert over the weekend. She should remember the rules a little better. See, it's ok for 'Pug congress-critters to visit Syria, but it's verboten-land for the Dims. Even in the picture above, you can see the Syrians literally hiding behind her! Those sand-sucking scalliwags. I wonder if Speaker Pelosi would look so calm and assured when a stray JDAM drops on the building? The White House would never do that, of course. But they want to.

(Seriously, I think this is great politics. It's a good way of showing the world that America split, that there's real progress against those who hate us for our freedoms.)


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing. It's really interesting to read your point of view

Naj said...

I have to admit your sarcasm (?) doesn't quite click with me!

Maybe I'm going senile!


MarcLord said...

Oh, hi Naj, sorry that didn't work for you and I doubt you're in any danger of going senile. It's not really intended as sarcasm, though, because it's very close to how the Bush Administration and its supporters actually think about Pelosi being in the Mid-East.

She is undermining their positions, and they really do see her as providing aid and support to the enemy. I'm pretty sure the thought has crossed their mind, at least Dick Cheney's mind, to blow her up. No kidding.

MarcLord said...

Thanks, Mrs. Akkad, and you are most welcome.

Naj said...

Marclord, I would not be surprised if he would!

(I would also be suspicious that he would blow Georgy up to GET his little war!)