Monday, March 05, 2007

How To Make Money Off Hate 101

Another "cha-ching!" for Ann Coulter. She's on her game, sticking to the basics, what a crowd pleaser. Unfortunately, when I spout hate speech they actually do send me to re-hab. They report me to the Office of Special Plans, which holds me for a week of "therapy," and raise my property taxes by another 30%. So I love everyone!

Actually, Coulter probably breathed a little life into the Edwards Campaign, which used her bout of homophoborrhea as an opportunity to send out a fund-raising letter to raise "Coulter Cash." Too bad about Edwards being handsome, so people can't take him seriously. They might actually hear an economic populist laboring underneath the Breck Girl label. Sad as it is, Edwards might be more effective running on a "Dental Health For All" platform.


HopeSpringsATurtle said...

Ann Coulter=Right-wing spokeshole. See that? I didn't even have to use the "c" word or the "b" word or call her a man...Those words are as offensive as the one she called John Edwards and I wish peole in their anger would refrain from calling someone, even as vile as coulter, a female body part most often meant to be the most insulting thing you can say. No to mention how transgendered people must feel everyting they hear that reference to coulter. Thanks for the post Marc. Always good.

MarcLord said...

Yes, I definitely did see your visually arresting (!) spokes-hole piece, very appropriate because Ms. Coulter has quite the over-used potty mouth. I look at her and I see a black-souled wraith.