Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A Chance To "Pile On" To Fox News

The Rahm Emanuel-Clinton Club Wing of the Democratic Party, a club I refer to "the Dims," contracted with Fox News to host televised debates in Nevada among the current crop of candidates. That's right, the Democratic Party contracted with Fox News. What the hell were they thinking? There's a web site Fox Attacks, where you can go sign a petition asking the Democratic Party what they were smoking this time.

First, Obama boycotted the debate in return for the "coverage" he got from the network known for its balanced, intensely balanced, insanely fair and balanced reporting. (The clip above, a compendium of Fox-and-balanced attacks on Barack Obama, is well worth watching. You kinda get the idea the guy scares them a little bit.) Now Edwards has dropped out of the debates.

So maybe Hillary can show up and debate, oh, I dunno, maybe Dennis Kucinich? Like, for an entire hour. Over her Iraq War vote. I would actually watch that, because I have a big old-fashioned non-flat screen Philips TV with an actual vacuum tube in it, and there's a good chance it would implode. But it's far more likely either Fox or the Dims will simply cancel the debate. Good.

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