Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Thing To Know About Minneso-da

They told me, "Now that you're here, there's something you've got to get straight: every body of water here is a lake. You may think it's a pond, but in Minnesota, no matter how small, it's a lake. If you keep that straight you'll get along just fine." And I have; I have. In fact I've known many delightful people from Minnesota, and now know quite a few more.

Brrr. I'll be back Tuesday from a long weekend visiting relatives in the Land o' Lakes.


HopeSpringsATurtle said...

Hope you Minnesota trip was lovely, cause I know it was cold. First place I've seen it snow sideways...Stay warm Lords.

MarcLord said...

Hey Hope! We are back, thanks for the well wishes. Are you mended?

It was a brisk -15 when we arrived, and Minnesota was so excited to see us it was warm enough to make snowballs when we went to the airport. It was a fun trip. Cheers, and see you at your place.