Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Lewis Black On Neo-Conservatives

And specifically, on Paul Wolfowitz, who saw one of his performances...and liked it. Liked it so much he went up and introduced himself to Black's parents. Who, like most sentient beings, hate Wolfowitz and were chagrined because they felt like they had to be nice to a poison dwarf who they know has spread misery over a good portion of the planet. Black, who compares his elderly parents (who are in the audience) to salt and pepper shakers, defines Wolfowitz and neo-conservatives in this manner:
"And Paul Wolfowitz raced up them afterwards, and you have to realize that Paul Wolfowitz is a neo-conservative who's designed many of the programs that, ah, that President Bush seemed to follow, uh, and he...neo-conservative, by the way, most people don't know what it means--well I know. It's someone who watches the movie 'The Matrix' and believes it's real."
Bravo, baby. Having been thwarted on finding the missing Lewis Black travel monologue on Italy, I was determined to get my fix. You know, people think Lewis Black is a comedian. He's not. Far from it. He's a political genius who has figured out a way to have cheering fans and get rich by telling the unvarnished truth.

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