Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Scar Tissue That I Wish You Saw

Bob Woodward left the redolent luxury afforded by his long sycophancy to the neo-cons. This is truly news, and is probably the biggest barometer change so far in 2006. One wonders if this is because he:

a) came partially to his senses;
b) is so vain he'll do anything to cover the public ass he's made of himself;
c) is a mole from Naval Intelligence on a 35-year posting inside the White House;
d) transcribes whatever the last persons he interviewed said and publishes their meanderings in a book.

Woodward got more MSM (Main Stream Media) attention devoted to the Bush Administration's key betrayal in one week than scores of real journalists have gotten while writing the same damned story for the last 4 years. Maybe all his toadying insiderism was worth it, since it allowed him to fully gain his old Watergate enemies' trust before turning his coat inside out. No matter that it's on voluminous record how BushCo officials did everything but stick their fingers in their ears and say "La-la-la-la-la-la-la!" each time the subject of Al-Qaeda attacks came up, and "conspiracy theorists" have painstakingly shown how obviously set up it all was, State of Denial is a far more serious blow to the neo-con veil of secrecy. It's convincing precisely because one of their leading dis-infopimps has called bullshit on them. Woodward is now on Their List now for his temerity in finally reporting something reality-based. To what end?

On July 10th, 2001, Woodward reports that CIA staffers Cofer Black and Director George Tenet told Condoleezza Rice flat-out that Muslim terrorists were going to attack prominent targets in the US. Together, they later withheld the proceedings of this and what must have been many other meetings on the topic from the 9/11 Commission. They hid the incident and repeatedly denied giving or receiving direct warning. This used to be known as lying. Now it's known as providing cover for a more important agenda. Cofer Black and George Tenet used Booby to blow a large piece of the remaining cover away from Condi, Rummy, and Cheney. Booby does not give up access to the Oval Orifice unless he feels sure its gravity field is shifting elsewhere.

To me, this looks like the work of Bush the Elder. Poppy's reputation as "a lightweight" comes from the fact that his opponents don't know how badly they've underestimated him until they're suffocating. Few people remember it was Senior who introduced Condi to the future Preznit in the first place. In Kennebunkport, where the worlds collide. Say another prayer, Geppetto, the Cheney puppet's turning more into your boy by the day.

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