Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Dr. Strange-feld, For Old Times' Sake

I don't see much political TV anymore, given that my home orbit revolves around a streaking asteroid of toddler-hood, so the net is like a big Tivo for me. George F. Will's fade-away from Dick Cheney (a.k.a. CEO of BushCo) was a nice Halloween present. It made me think back to when Tom Friedman turned on Donald Rumsfeld on Face the Nation, at the link above.

Except for the irreparable harm he has done in the world, and all the people he has blithely murdered, the surreal blustering dunder-headedness of Donald Rumsfeld will be missed. It's just too easy to write about. He has failed so utterly, so completely as SecDef and yet still has such confidence in himself that you probably have to go back to the British side in World War One to find an equally farcical, yet lethal, incompetence. (Lord Edmund Blackadder comes to mind.) Here Dr. Strangefeld is caught flat-footed in one of the may turd-piles of his lies. As with any pure narcissist, the stench doesn't faze him, because he recognizes it as his own.

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