Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Diebold Variations

To clarify, I don't think vote fraud is beneath Dims, and there is a long tradition of vote fraud in the United States. It just used to be harder because paper ballots had to be created, forged, hidden, or destroyed. Now it's a snap. Where Diebold voting machines preside, the results come down to a company run by fervent Pugs and the missing electrons can't talk. In other fields of endeavor this is called a flagrant conflict of interest. In elections it's known as "The Fix." Until paper ballots come back, ones where you get a printed receipt, and Diebold-type approaches are uninstalled, fixed elections are guaranteed.

(Graphics (c)2004-06 Rand Careaga. You can see about a dozen more Diebold Variations at Rand's website.)

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