Monday, October 09, 2006

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This Page Boy Scandal is a really simple one for Rove to turn to advantage. He’s going to wait until about a week before the elections, and then the Ethics Committee is going to "suddenly" find a couple of Dims in flagrante buggerecto. The message to the Base will be as follows:

"There was a Congressman with a problem, and we dealt with it effectively. But LOOK at what you’ll get if you vote for the other side. Those guys make Mark Foley look like Billy Graham. Autism turns them on, and we have the pictures to prove it. Now get the hell out there and vote your asses off before Satan breaks into your house and rapes your children! Go! Go! Go! Go!"

Of course, this approach may not work if there aren't any perverts, adulterers, junkies, or whore-renting low-lifes to be found on the Dim side of the aisle. (Open irony tag.) Maybe they're all clean? (Close irony tag.)

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