Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Blogger Is Back

My apologies. The free blog publishing tool which also hosts the blogspot.com sites, Blogger (acquired by Google), had a mysterious unannounced outage yesterday, mysterious in that I couldn't access it at all, and there's no "sorry we screwed the pooch" message up this morning. Makes you wonder if recent Google acquisition YouTube's reliability will suffer.

Google is steadily losing bloggers to other places over their service outages, and I've been thinking about giving Word Press a try for our company's upcoming blog (InSpeech). Or using a hosted service. That said, Blogger is a great tool, and blissfully easy to set up and start using when you're wobbly with those html baby steps.

Even for a rank amateur, an all-day service outage was tough to take, especially since there were some fat incoming bogeys on the radar which went unreported by me. Like the Bush family buying a 100,000-acre ranch in Paraguay, and a hairpiece-raising article on global warming coming in the November 16th issue of the New York Times Book Review that will make the chattering classes freak out and start to focus on cutting down on the carbons.

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