Monday, February 25, 2008

The Cavalry's A-Comin: Nader 2008

Ralph Nader is raw.
Rough. Ready for action, running for President. His solution for America is brilliant, yet simple. When he wins the Presidency in November, all Americans will receive lifetime subscriptions to Consumer Reports, freeing us from corporate greed, corporate power, corporate control.

(I wish we had a system where we had more than two choices, where the Green Party could hold seats in Parliament next to the Unsafe At Any Speed Party. But we don't.)


isabelita said...

Well, it isn't working all that well in Italy, for one place. But maybe it'd be worth a try.
Also, I'd like to see Congress be more like the British Parliament, what with the big time debates, discussions, hooting, etc.

MarcLord said...

aye, hooting in Congress would be progress, and a step above snorting.

Vigilante said...

William Buckley observed that we woulda been out of Iraq by now if we had a parliamentary system which would hadve enabled a vote of no-confidence.