Friday, February 15, 2008

Engagement Iran

The above synopsis of Iran is excellent, but extremely disorienting at first because the people in it, like Barbara Slavin, Steven Kinzer (author of 'All the Shah's Men') and Trita Parsi, all actually know what they're talking about. They openly mention the Algiers Accord, and I'm so used to viewing propaganda that I got motion sickness and had to dig through cupboards for the dramamine.

Iran lies between Russia, Pakistan, India, China, and the Arabian oil fields. It's going to be self-determined, and it wants democracy. Militarily, this should be a no-brainer: wooing Iran is the only thing that makes sense. The US will open negotiations with Iran as soon as the B.A. is out of the way.


Naj said...

Having Fukuyama's pupil (Trita) championing this cause also alludes to a shift in neo-conservative strategy , previously expressed with his (fukuyama or Brizinsky) rift from the rest of the imperialist clan!

MarcLord said...

Very good observation on that point, Naj. I've never figured Fukuyama out, but did read his pre-renunciation book (The End of History and the Last Man). He stood in remarkably well with the neo-cons for a time. As for Trita Parsi, I love what he says but cannot fully trust him, not even with the rift, because of the dotted lines he necessarily shares.

As for Brzenzski, he advised Carter to invade Iran after the Shah was thrown out.

Naj said...

Brzenzski Thank you for correction! :) I am dyslexic, but with polish names, I am hopeless :)

Yes this man is quite disliked in IRan.

As for Trita, if you glance at his "treacherous alliance", his stance becomes quite clear. Trita, for me, represents a change of neo-con policy; and he is an agent that links Iran's so called moderate mullahs (i.e. the Hashemi clan) to Washingtonians!

As far as his interest in Iran outweighs his interest in American policy, he has my support.

He is watched, for now, amicably, and cautiously!

MarcLord said...

Ditto. Change from the Straussian policy is good, no question, and reaching out to the Hashemis seems the best, quickest way to build a bridge. The US objective is still the same, of course. Just not imbecilic.

I too have trouble with that particular spelling, and would prefer to refer to the gentleman by his nickname: Z-Big.