Sunday, February 24, 2008

Psyche's News Roundup

GM exec stands by calling global warming a crock | Reuters | (Bob Lutz crocks me up!)

Seattle Times | Toyota: "This is what the end of the age of oil means"

The Nation: Give The Kucinich His Due (r-e-s-p-e-c-t, find out what it means to me)

Cheap, 'safe' DCA kills most cancers - New Scientist (no patent, no big pharma)

Ohio Job Losses Worst Since Great Depression |

Obama Ahead of Clinton 14% in Texas, Up 8% in Ohio; McCain Comfortable

Clintons' Tax Returns Would Cast a Wider Light - (Donors should want to see 'em)

MyDD :: DNC to File FEC Complaint Against McCain Campaign (McOhNo)

Obama makes better commander than McCain, Clinton --

War Documentaries Fight the Good Fight at Oscars - Phil Donahue even made one

The race online: Obama, rivals bring Internet campaigning to new level - San Jose Mercury News

Tehran Times : Deadly Hubris: A million Iraqis dead -- for what? (Bush --> The Hague)

The Lobbyist, The Drudge, The Times, The Fixer --

German Treasure Hunters Claim to Have Found Nazi Amber Room - International - SPIEGEL ONLINE

13 Email Addresses That Can Be Useful - Forums

Digg, Wikipedia, and the myth of Web 2.0 democracy. - By Chris Wilson - Slate Magazine

White House says phone wiretaps back on for now | Reuters


BBC said...

"roll on, Columbia, roll on!"

Yeah, right. Only a fool would believe that.

MarcLord said...

maybe, but that's how this fool lights his house. ;-)