Wednesday, January 17, 2007

US Rep. Ron Paul Cites "False Flag" Concerns

Ron Paul is a liberterian Republican. A few days ago, he stood up on the House floor and cited his concerns for a Gulf-of-Tonkin, false-flag incident, a fake strike on a US or Israeli vessel so a war could be launched on Iran. I've been voicing this concern for awhile, and didn't expect a Republican in Congress to echo my sentiments. There was no media coverage, of course. But it's on YouTube.

(H/T to Cryptogon. Adding Cryptogon to "Caravan Palaces" list.)


HopeSpringsATurtle said...

Marc Lord you are so studly. It is as if you have a staff of crack interns scouring the tubes t find all the good stuff. Ron Paul is sooo not rom Texas, I guess that is the excuse he'll use next election cycle.

MarcLord said...

To paraphrase Lyle Lovett:

"That's right!
He's not from Texas,
but Texas wants him any way!"

And California wants you back, probably. Do you live in Texas?