Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Helo Again

Royal Marines of 45 Commando strapped themselves to an Apache gunship to retrieve the body of a Lance Corporal who had been killed during a night assault. His body lay in a free-fire zone. As Christ put it, "Greater love hath no man than this, but to lay down his life for his friends," and this was an outstanding act of bravery. As I watched the video, I imagined myself strapped outside a helicopter. Then I imagined hundreds of bullets being shot at me while there. Finally, I imagined myself not volunteering to do that. Every one of those marines deserves a medal.

Now, you'll once again see why this blog is named "Adored By Hordes," because I'm going to ask an uncomfortable question: umm...why the hell do four soldiers have to strap themselves onto the outside of a gunship in order to retrieve a body? I realize that part of being a Marine is to never leave one of yours behind, whether alive or dead. Basic tactics, however, would call for something less heroic, like using an Apache (or two, or three) to secure a landing zone with ample applications and threats of firepower, then safely land a light helicopter with an extraction team. Oh, wait. As the BBC story states, the British forces have no light helicopters. They're thinking of getting some. In 7 years (!?).

Right. This says volumes about Britain's ability to continue its role as Globo-Cop's favorite deputy. Of course, maybe they could buy some technically advanced light transports from elsewhere before then. Like from any number of former colonies.

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