Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Having been disconnected from the 'net for some of the past week, more than usually beset with work and otherwise preoccupied, my blogging suffered considerably. Much was going on in the world, there were so many things to post about and so little time to do it in. Thanks to you who kept showing up here anyway.

My withdrawal symptoms were severe enough that I tried to put my finger on a descriptive term for them. Then one popped up: I was feeling very
discomblogulated. I slapped my knee and said, "Dammit, Lord, you're a genius! You'll be the first person to coin the term. Publish it before it occurs to somebody else, and you'll be famous throughout the greater Blogosphere!" So then I used The Google to search for it. 236 hits. There are two blogs already named in the present and past tenses of the word. Sigh. Enduring fame, fifteen minutes' worth of it, so close...so far away.

Anyhow it's nice getting back to a steady routine of snide and snarkiness, although my iffy grammar skills seem to have given up entirely after enduring a flood, wind storm, power outage, and four days with Lord Baby issuing his blood-curdling Indian war whoops and gleefully launching sneak attacks on me like Kato did on Inspector Clouseau. (Lord Wife wisely fled town as the storm hit, saying, "Good luck, hon, I promise not to have a good time on St. Bart's.") Good to be back, and I trust the twitching will stop as soon as the Christmas parachute opens. Now off to do some shopping!

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