Saturday, December 01, 2007

Psyche's News Roundup

John Edwards Mocks Republicans Afraid To Take Questions From Democrats (if the Republicans cant handle the Democrats, how can they handle Al Qaeda?)

Rudy refuses to answer NYC questions - (beats up reporters)

Daily Kos: Rudy's Scandal Has a Name! (Sex ON the City - America's Playa)

Ron Paul on track to be biggest fundraiser - Jeanne Cummings -

Kucinich: Biden's Warning of Bush Impeachment in Case of Iran War "a bit late" | News and

President Bush: Faith key to international AIDS fight - | I Dont Think the American Public Really Gets It: We're *Borrowing* Money to Pay for War in Iraq

Center for Citizen Media: Blog Archive On Klein's Errors, Times Semi-Stonewall and the Nets Power

Specialized journalism, a partisan press, online journalism students and cheap laptops: More stuff to argue about

Poll finds more Americans believe in devil than Darwin | Lifestyle | Reuters (Land o' Goshen) U.S. Florida Governments Reject Idea of Accepting Losses on Pool Exclusive Banks Sell 'Toxic Waste' CDOs to Calpers, Texas Teachers Fund

Calculated Risk: Reelin' In the Suckers (relying on advice from bankers who are selling the CDOs)

Mortgage worries prompt pullout

Tommys parents avoided being foolish []

Nation & World | Sperm donor liable for child support, judge rules | Seattle Times

An adoptee uncovers the risks of knowing - Los Angeles Times

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