Monday, November 05, 2007

If You Forgot What Leadership Looks Like

I took a couple of political tests, one passed along by Lord Mother and another by Psyche, designed to point me to my "match" candidate. The first matched me with Senator Chris Dodd, the second with, I think it was Stephen Colbert. Zoey & Me from Cat in the Bag gives a nice summary of Dodd's stands made lately, one which proves that not every Congressperson is a wholly-owned, warmongering corporate-critter:

"In addition to saying unequivocally that he will get our troops out of Iraq when he assumes the role of Commander-in-Chief, Dodd has voted for troop withdrawals at every opportunity since Democrats took control of Congress in January and has been a leader in all efforts to end the Iraq quagmire.

But Dodd has been at his best most recently in showing immense leadership and the truest understanding of our nation’s meaning in standing strong against attempts by the Bush administration to let telecommunications companies off the hook for aiding and abetting the White House in their illegal domestic spying on American citizens. Despite little support from his Senate colleagues and eerie initial silence from his fellow presidential candidates, Dodd came out and said last week that he would place a Senatorial “hold” on any bill granting immunity to companies that have assisted George W. Bush in spying on Americans without required warrants and announced that he would filibuster any such legislation to keep it from passing."
Not that Mr. Dodd will be allowed to win, or anything. But it is nice to know that he's there, and is making himself relevant.

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