Saturday, November 03, 2007

Psyche's News Roundup

BBC NEWS | South Asia | Musharraf imposes emergency rule

AlterNet: Blogs: Video: Bill Maher Interviews Valerie Plame and Joe Wilson: "Cheney, Rove, Libby...Are Guilty of Treason" [VIDEO]

Top US analyst hits back after death threats over Citigroup downgrade - Times Online

Hullabaloo - Let's See What You've Got, Babe

Open Left:: The Religious Left Runs Against Porn

Media Matters by Jamison Foser (Tucker Carlson, dumbass)

Glassbooth (find your Presidential Candidate)

Bowling with Others

Say goodbye to Blockbuster | Tech news blog - CNET (another end of an era)

LOLinator: i can haz websiet?

The History of LOLCatsVideo

The most important Evangelical you've never heard of | MetaFilter

Frank Schaeffer Goes Crazy for God

The G-Shot: Viagra (in a needle) for women? | MetaFilter

Richard Holloway: How to Read the Bible (mp3 podcast download)

Root and Branch (more than half of Americans believe God created the first human beings less than 10,000 years ago)

Ask A Scienceblogger - Which parts of the human body could you design better?

Hillary Clinton refuses to sign the Freedom Pledge The Political Inquirer (keeping war and torture options open)

Talking Points Memo | Dean on Mukasey

Bush Attorney General Nominee Gets Boost - Politics on The Huffington Post (Schumer and DiFi cave)

Obama introduces Senate resolution on Iran -

Glenn Greenwald - Salon - Mukasey's nomination and the sudden opposition to "waterboarding"

AFP: 'Unwelcoming' US sees sharp fall in visitors since 9/11 (tourism down 17%, 16bn lost)

The Raw Story | Kucinich says he will force House vote on Cheney impeachment

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