Monday, November 05, 2007

Psyche's News Roundup

Talking Points Memo | Rice to face subpoena in spy case (call Abe Foxman)

"The Torture Litmus Test" by Scott Horton (Harper's Magazine) - Federalist Society

Think Progress: DoJ Official Experienced Waterboarding, Told WH It's Illegal, Was Fired

Balkanization: How Low Can They Go? (Daniel Levin and waterboarding)

Waterboarding Used to Be a Crime -

Poll Finds Americans Pessimistic, Want Change (No! Really?) -

No email privacy rights under Constitution, US govt claims (Founders Blogged Like Crazy, However) | The Register

Balkanization, Too: When Diane Can't Read (DiFi: the new Joe Lieberman)

Whiskey Fire: Idiot Princess (MoDo)

YouTube - George W. Bush Interview (Irish TV)

The Raw Story | CNN: Price of Iraq war 10 times pre-war predictions (Bush charged the cost to you and your children)

The Raw Story | Times: Bush plans to keep Pakistan from being mockery of democracy 'fell apart spectacularly'

Open Access to Research Funded by U.S. Is at Issue

Raw Look at Immigration Crucible -

Atheist News: Is America Unofficialy A Theocracy? Make Your Next President Answer It

The Washington Monthly: All-Time Wingnuttiest Blog Post Contest

Did you know that by law the US guarantees Israel's oil supply - no matter what? | Wake Up From Your Slumber

Unique Results from Swedish Study of HIV vaccine - Startpage -

Bystander Stem Cells Keep Original Neurons Humming, Restore Memory: Scientific American

50 years after his death, supporters promote scientist's work -

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