Friday, January 04, 2008

Winning In Iowa

Hillary Clinton finished 9 points behind Barack Obama and 1 point behind Edwards. A 30-year old machinist explains why, in bold quotes:
The caucuses marked the culmination of a dispiriting week for the Clintons as a series of polls presaged a possible Obama victory -- so long as a projected massive turnout of young and first-time caucus-goers materialized. And so it did with an estimated 212,000 Democrats showing up to caucus, almost twice as many as in 2004.

The caucus at one northwest Des Moines precinct seemed a microcosm of the political drama that rattled the entire state on Thursday night. Residents of Precinct 9 waited patiently in line to caucus as poll workers were overcome by the sheer scope of the turnout. As the 125 Iowans in the room dispersed into separate groups supporting different candidates, a visibly striking generational gap slashed the room.

With a mixed group of about 25 Edwards supporters in the middle, on the right side of the room sat about 40 mostly white-haired and subdued Clinton adherents. On the left side of the high school classroom, about 60 decidedly much younger, boisterous and ramped-up Obama supporters gathered in noisy clumps. "I've never caucused before but I like everything Obama has to say," said 30-year-old machinist Chris Augustine. Typical of exactly the kind of voter the Obama campaign had hoped to mobilize, he added: "For me, Obama is the un-politician. If it comes down to Hillary Clinton versus a Republican in November, I would rather vote for the Republican. There's nothing Clinton could do to prove she's really different than the same old, same old of the past."
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Daniel said...

From across the seven seas I watch the never-ending political circus with both amazement and dread.

Who will the Americans elect this time? What moronic megalomaniac will take George's place on the throne of greatness (assuming the world is still here at the end of this year)?

You'd think after George some urgent changes might have been made but, no! Same old, same old!

All the best for 2008, Marc. I hope we survive it.

MarcLord said...

Hi, Daniel--

We have to put up with two years of this crap (campaigning) now. Obviously I'm an Obama supporter, and he has only actually promised two things: restoring habeus corpus and, by the end of his first term, universal health care. He knows that it's a stretch in this system to get those things done, and nobody else has even promised that much.