Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Eine Kleine Bush Bashing

Live Free or Vote For Mitt Romney. I was once in New Hampshire in the thick of a wedding party. It had reached the ungodly hour of 10 PM when the wait-staff started asking for my ID and cautioning people against dance. Then, at about 10:45, we were warned to not make too much noise, as we were only two miles from an expensive private liberal arts college. (My ID? Sure. Here ya go. Sorry, I just shat myself. What about Alzheimer's do you not understand?)

Yet in New Hampshire, after midnight, the voting polls are simmering. Certain recalcitrant, bark-eating towns already started at 12 AM Eastern Time. It's time for perspective, a good Bush Bashing, and looking to the Bright Side. Contained in the YouTube vid above is a "best of" from the Berlin Wall of Bush Malapropisms. And even if Mitt the Mormon becomes Prez, we'll still not have to suffer verbal fratricides like this:

"As yesterday's positive report card show, childrens do learn."

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