Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The Face Of A Terrorist

Cute women from Iceland want to destroy our Homeland.

Erla Osk Lilliendahl, pictured above, flew first-class to New York City with her girlfriends before Christmas, "to go shopping, eat good food, and enjoy life." Sure, lady...sure. Just like Mohammad Atta went to a strip club and ordered champagne with his co-terrorists the night before 9/11.

Back in 1995, Erla came to the US and went undercover, out-staying her visa by three weeks, then coming back the next year to case the joint further. But this time Homeland Security caught the fugitive potential murderer at passport entry in JFK. After babbling incoherent lies about those fateful missing weeks 12 years prior, she was taken away, handcuffed, chained to a wall, interrogated, and left in detention to cool off for awhile. Later, she was marched through the airport in chains, driven to a shit-hole jail cell in New Jersey, shaken or shouted awake when she tried to sleep, and given no food or water. That'll teach her!

She took a longer vacation than was allowed by law, and that required justice. But you see, some of these foreign terrorist women are uppity. After being held for a mere 24 hours and deported back to Iceland, a.k.a. The Axis of Evil Farm Team, Lilliendahl wrote a blog post about her Big Apple caper and called it "the greatest humiliation to which I have ever been subjected." She then complained to the Icelandic Foreign Minister, who met with some minor U.S. ambassador to demand an apology.

The DHS was forced to announce a fictional investigation to "review its work procedures" and to express "regrets." Now, why did she have to go and do that? What a spoil-sport! And she wasn't even tortured. Maybe next time.


isabelita said...

Well duh. Al Qaeda is savvy, they know better than to send obviously Arabic guys over here to wreak havoc. Gotta disguise the agents as blonde chicks!
Oh for crying out loud. This country is so being run into the ground. I am ready to get out a baseball bat....

MarcLord said...

Yeah, I can just see the DHS dweebs at the airport: "That's affirmative, Frank. She was here illegally. Visa violator. And it looks like there might be a bomb or two under her sweater. Better frisk her and get the chains ready. Over."

No, they do not have anything better to do.

Vigilante said...

Just by looking at her, Marc. You can tell she's not innocent!!!!!

MarcLord said...

LOL, it must have been quite a fling back in '95 to have stayed an extra three weeks!

Anonymous said...

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