Thursday, December 18, 2008

I'm Good Enough, I'm Smart Enough, And God Damn It, I'm A Senator

Stuart Smalley is about to become the first, and hopefully only (except maybe for Tina Fey, who I'd vote for five times), Saturday Night Live alum to get elected to national office. The Minneapolis Star Tribune calls him the winner this evening, along with other newspapers there, such as the Frostbitten Gopher. Some things, perhaps Hell as well as International Falls, have frozen over. By what rights can Franken be Senator? Self-promotion, 50 votes or so, and the Jesse Ventura Precedent.

Al Franken will bring a hugely important 59th vote to Senate Democrats, which means they only have to bribe one opposing Republican divided by the cube root of Joe Lieberman to actually pass any legislation. I'll try to remember that whenever I listen to his adenoidally challenged voice, condescending demeanor, and remember when he and Jeanene Garafolo met with John Plywood Kerry at an East Central Park apartment to throw Howard Dean's candidacy under the bus.

Things aren't perfect, they fall apart, they come together. I used to listen to this twisted dude's comedy sketches when I was in high school, and wondered who he was making fun of. Earnest people trying to become better? Me? Himself? Self-help? Congress.


Jesus Reyes said...

Regarding Lieberman's adenoidally challenged voice, I think I first saw this on Comedy Central, it is almost exactly the voice of Droopy Dog. It's uncanny.

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

I dunno about Franken. I suppose he can't be all that bad. I listened to him for about a month on Air America when I had satellite radio, before I figured out that satellite radio really sucks as badly as free radio, so why pay for it?

It does make it easier to get that fillibuster-proof majority in the Senate, so there's that. I guess I'm lukewarm about Franken, :).

MarcLord said...

Same here, Bee. I do nurse a grudge over the Dean thing, and was, ummm, unenthused by Air America. But, compared to the feeling of being stuck in a meat locker for two hours, i.e., as with a Coleman victory, I'll take lukewarm!