Saturday, May 24, 2008

Will They Kill Obama?

Hillary Clinton has wistfully stated at least five times in the past three months that Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June after winning the 1968 California primary, citing it as another reason for not dropping out. We could parse nuances of the word "assassinate" or compare Florida to the plight of Zimbabwe, but let's cut the crap. Let's head straight for the cerebellum, and to the oldest of superstitions, which is this: naming calls. Speak of the devil, and he appears.

Despite not withstanding the temptations of power well and wielding it to precious little good, the Bushes and the Clintons still have it. Yes, the gate-crasher has a movement, sure, he's tapped into a longing, has foot soldiers and 2 million donors. Still, he doesn't have the power yet, and all that stands between whom the Clintons serve and their maintenance of the White House is one man's life. If you think these people haven't killed before, maybe playing "See No Evil" is more fun than it looks.

Bobby Kennedy was killed because he threatened a long-established system of political, corporate, and racial fealty. He wanted to get America out of a stupid war, a change of direction many thought to be both traitorous and bad business. Same with Barack Obama now, but with crucial differences.

Obama is much better organized, much less frictional, far better at assembling stakeholders. It's what he does. He has ameliorated his radical roots well enough to get the endorsements of Paul Volcker and Warren Buffett, the most significant he's ever won, as they bring Wall Street with them. Even rich investors have come to long for something different, something which doesn't throw empires down imprudent hellholes. This isn't about morals for them, it's about results. They think we need an entirely new practical and philosophical basis on which to float a country, and they see the Clintons as just another part of the problem.

They're not going to kill Barack Obama. Even if a desperate woman's dark wish-craft wants triggers to be pulled, a transformation in our national psyche has already occurred. At this point, the people who should be most worried about the powers that be are Bill and Hillary Clinton. They're burying themselves.


Phil said...

C'mon, now, admit that the woman has some sense of boundaries. For instance, she hasn't invoked Ted Kennedy's brain tumor, and is completely silent on the possibility of an aftershock of the Chinese earthquake upsetting Obama's plane just as it touches down.

In a clumsy, but touching, way, she's invoking the nostalgia that all of us boomers have for the days before bloggers and talk radio, when the only tool that the politically righteous had at their disposal was a firearm.

So, I'm calling age-ism on you here.

MarcLord said...

I admit they've both shown admirable restraint...for example, she could've said, "what was the point of Bill going up there to Kennebunkport to kiss Senior's ass, the insipid ocean fishing until he puked over the side, the sleeping on the floor of the Lear Jet, the meetings with those neocon reptiles? And now they're saying they can't generate the political cover to honor our marker? It's just one little plane crash for chrissake, no big deal, sorta like with Willie Brown before he turned state's evidence."

Ah, lost opportunity!

Brother Tim said...

The Clintons are Neo-con to the core. And like all neo-cons, they'll fight to the bitter end.

The 'annointing' was hers. SHE was to be 'coronated'. She feels cheated, robbed, and abused. Damn anyone who gets in her way!

MarcLord said...

All true, Brother Tim. I just don't think they've got the muscle to pull it off now--which doesn't mean I absolutely believe they would try. Rather that with the trail of bodies behind them, they must have given it serious thought.

Brother Tim said...

No doubt, Marc, no doubt.

Anonymous said...

i hope obama dies \m/