Monday, May 19, 2008

Obama Breaks Over 50, Clinton Dives Under 40 In Gallup Poll

Edwards announced his support for Obama on the 15th, he was already going up the day before, leading up to a 55-39 result yesterday. The photo above of Portland's waterfront park speaks 75,000 words. Washington's Democratic Campaign Chair, Dwight Pelz, announced his Obama endorsement today, as did former KKK member Sen. Robert Byrd (D-WV) and investor Warren Buffett.

Buffett is not a super-delegate, he's someone far more influential. Following endorsements by two former SEC chairmen and Federal Reserve legend Paul Volcker, this signifies a crack right to the core in Wall Street's traditional knee-jerk support for Republicans. Buffett's announcement come after a day when the Illinois candidate for democratic nominee openly spoke about tougher anti-trust regulations, particularly in regards to media cross-ownership in local markets.

Arianna Huffington has an eloquent summary of Hillary Clinton's accomplishment for women called Hillary Clinton's Defeat: A Historic Triumph. It manages to be both accurate in its praise and conciliatory in its aim, giving an impression of how she can bow out on the best terms and re-build her political capital, not to mention become part of American legend:
"Once the disappointment fades and the cuts and bruises heal, the lasting impression will be one of glory, accomplishment, and profound impact."


Bruce said...

There are many truly great women in this world. Hillary Clinton is not one of them. Her political career is valuable only as a cautionary tale of the psychosis of power lust, much like Madeliene Albright and Condi Rice.

Arianna: "how she manages to get up every morning, no matter how hard things get for her, and keep following her dream."

And what a dream it is. The power to obliterate another country! To stand by while your husband helped send millions of Iraqi children to their grave!

We have to stop romanticizing politics.

MarcLord said...

Less between the lines, I think Arianna is doing something calculated, which is to romanticize Clinton in a way that makes her drop out of the race. She's pointing out that it's ok to do so.

We romanticize margarine spreads and freeze-dried coffee.

Naj said...

"Warren Buffett"
ayayay ... wonder how soon he'll 'buy' Obama's message of "change" ...
One can't help praising America's capitalists for knowing how to ride, and own every wave of "change".

sigh ...

but it's okey!

MarcLord said...

Hey, Naj, owning every wave of change is what capitalism is all about. It's just like communism in that regard. ;-)

Brother Tim said...

With all respect to Arianna, I believe Clinton is done, politicly.

Some may call her an elitist for not knowing how to pump gas or operate a cappachino machine; but she did a fine job cooking her own goose. ;)

berensma said...
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MarcLord said...

Hehe. Pumping her own gas. That would've been a great photo op. I'm sure you can read between the lines of my Clinton feelings, but if grace is what it takes to bury them, then grace they shall have.

Clinton misread what America needed, misread it in a fundamental way: in this election it was an advantage to be a woman. In fact America needs a healer, not a Warrior (McCain), and a Goddess (the role Clinton rejected) could've played the healer even better than the Shaman (Obama).