Sunday, May 18, 2008


"The rich have become so unsocial that those who own property had rather throw their possessions into the sea than lend aid to the needy, while those who are in poorer circumstances would less gladly find a treasure than seize the possessions of the rich."

Isocrates, Greece following the Pelopennesian War, 366 B.C.

"The rich organized themselves into oligarchies for protection against the poor, who schemed to despoil them by legislation, taxation, or revolution. Their members took a solemn oath: 'I will be an adversary of the people, and in the Council I will do them all the evil that I can.'"

Aristotle, Greece, Politics, Section 1310, ca. 335 B.C.


Naj said...

political ecosystem!

MarcLord said...

Rovian politics!

(ok, smartass alert, but it's not clear where this is all going yet, or how soon.)