Tuesday, May 13, 2008

War's Desolation Finally Hits Home

To all the US soldiers killed, shot, blown apart, incinerated, amputated, decapitated, divorced, disembowelled, drained of blood, concussed, castrated, rendered insane, unemployable, or otherwise messed up by the war in Iraq, all 600,000 of you according to a recent RAND (i.e. Pentagon) study, you can feel better now. In your honor, President Bush announced today that he was giving up (no I really can't believe this either stand back my head's going to pop but it's totally true) GOLF!


isabelita said...

Heaaring this made me want to pick up a club and three putt his pinhead...

Naj said...

what's he picking up? That's the more important question!
Base "Ball"?

MarcLord said...


vade retro, Satan.


Segway racing.