Monday, April 07, 2008

For Prompt Control Of Senile Agitation

Has a nice ring to it, and this was a real ad.


Vincent said...

Wonderful. there is a campaign over here too (England) to point out how elderly people are kept semi-comatose sometimes with anti-psychotic drugs to make them less troublesome.

How frightful! How I would like to pretend to swallow those pills and be very amenable then, when the nurse had got used to my docility, I'd stand, stick raised, and make an eloquent scene, watching my back for some agile young male orderly trying to stick an injection in my hide as if I were a tiger escaped from a zoo. He would get the full whack and I'd make sure to phone my publicity agent before they put on the straight-jacket.

MarcLord said...

It must be said, Vincent, that in today's society a good publicity agent is better than a good lawyer.

Maybe I put that add up because there's a new drug available for Alzheimer's patients over here which is not very effective, yet quite expensive, and I didn't like the tone of the commercial.

Whack away with that cane. Which reminds me...I think they still make sword-canes.

Naj said...

:) Someone should photoshop McCain or Billy clinton in!

Phil said...

I don't recall giving you permission to use my picture.

MarcLord said...

Naj, I was thinking the same thing.

LOL, phil, methinks one day you will be every bit as spry as the gent in the picture. But probably more reasonable.